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  • EZplot (see Videos)

  • Multy_Y (Included with EZplot)

  • Contour Plot (Included with EZplot)

  • Insert PDF to Word (see Video)

Our software has no monthly/yearly fees.


Gary Hooper

EZplot is an excellent add-in software for Excel.  As an experienced powertrain engineer, I have used many bespoke and expensive contour and multi-Y axis software.  EZplot offers all of the these software’s functionality at a fraction of the cost with excellent fast support.


Office Expander was founded by a Professional Engineer (P.E.).  The EZplot® program for Excel was originally developed for a large aircraft engine manufacturer to address the enormous amount of time that engineers spent creating many plots and performing data calculations.  Components of EZplot, called Multy_Y (Multiple Y Axes) Plot and Contour Plot, are also sold separately.  Unlike EZplot, these separate components have only limited interaction with the plots.  Multy_Y allows for creation of multiple Y axes plots (3, 4, 5,... Y axes) in Excel. It is still the only software to have this capability in Excel.

Our mission is to improve productivity by enhancing tools with which people are already familiar.  

Our software works with all Windows versions of Office/Excel 2000 and higher.


170 Haverhill Street, Unit 115
Andover, MA 01810

Phone: 978-758-8599

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