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Insert PDF to Word

Insert PDF to Word

Insert and resize multiple pages of a PDF into Word.


Every page of a PDF can be inserted as a separate page of a Word document.  All images can be resized together prior to insertion onto multiple Word pages.

  • Requirements


    One of the following is required:

    • Ghostscript (FREE). 
      Download instructions

    • Adobe Acrobat (verified for version 7 or newer) must be installed.

    Note: On some computers, you must be the administrator in order to install any software.

  • Video

    Click to watch Insert PDF to Word Video:

  • Free Demo Version

    Same setup as full version: See Requirements section.

    The Free Demo Version will insert a couple of PDFs pages into Word and resize them.

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How do I run Insert PDF to Word after installation?
    Open Word

    1. Click the Add-in tab (Only required in Office 2007 and higher. For Office 2000-2003, just click Insert PDFs)
    2. Click Insert_PDFs
    3. Select menu items
    4. Click 'Run'

    Use the Yellow Form to Resize/Realign the first image. The subsequent pics are inserted into the Word document with the same dimensions.


    What if I have trouble installing the software (i.e., addin)?
    1. Right click on install exe file and "Run As Administrator."
    2. The first time that Microsoft Word is run after the Insert_PDFs_to_Word software is installed, it may be required to authorize Office Expander as a trusted source or to click Enable Content/Macros if asked, depending on your security settings for Office/Word.  Insert_PDFs_to_Word is digitally signed to allow it to run with macro security set to High so that all content is Enabled once it is authorized as a Trusted Publisher.
    3. On some computers or versions of Office (such as 2016), the following steps may be required:
      • Go to the File/Option/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings/Macro Settings and set the radio button no lower higher than "Disable all macros except digitally signed macros"
      • On the same page, select the "Trust access to the VBA project object model" and then click out with OKs. 
      • On the main Word screen with a document up, select File/Options/Customize Ribbon.  On the right hand side of the screen it says "Customize the Ribbon".  Immediately below it, make sure that "Main Tabs" is selected from the drop down list.  Go down and check the box for "Add-ins". Click out with OKs.  The Addins button should appear at the top of any Word document.  Click it and the Insert PDFs button will appear.
    4. If you get an error during installation stating that you do not have access to a startup folder, then make sure you do have access to the startup folder displayed (administrator privileges).
    How do I run the software?
    To run the program:
    • For Office/Word 2007 or higher: 
      Click Addins at the top of a Word document and the Insert PDFs button will appear.
    • For Office/Word 2000-2003:
    It is recommended that you close Word after installation, and then restart Word.
    The Insert PDFs button appears at the top of a Word document.
    1. Click the “Insert PDFs” button with a Word document open
    2. Select Run (use default settings initially for an example run)
    3. Use the Yellow Form to Resize/Realign the first image.  
    The subsequent pics are inserted into the Word document with the same dimensions.
    Note: The software may run slowly the first time it is run after installation.


    Where did the software download?


    Is Insert PDF to Word for Windows or Mac?


    Are Office Expander downloads Digitally Signed and timestamped so that I know the files are from Office Expander?
    Is an uninstaller included?
    Go to C:\Insert_PDFs_Word and run the uninstall application (uninsXXX, such as unins000).
    Can I insert more than one picture per slide?
    Yes. In order to get groups of pictures on each slide, insert groups of pictures in a number of passes while using the resize option. 
    For example, to insert 4 pictures on each slide: Simply run Insert Pics 4 times. Each time insert a different selection from the pictures. Resize to the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right respectively. After the first run, make sure to insert the pictures starting on the slide number from the first run. This will insert 4 pictures on each slide.
    What if I need more assistance?
    Contact us at email:
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