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Insert and resize multiple pages of a PDF into Word

Pages from a PDF can be inserted as individual PDFs, or as images that can be resized into a Word document.

Download the Demo Version
The Free Demo Version will insert a couple of PDFs pages into Word and resize them.

  • Office Word 2000-2016 for Windows.
  • One of the following is required:
    • Adobe Acrobat (verified for version 7 or newer) must be installed.
      Latest version of Acrobat is FREE FOR 30 DAYS from the Adobe website.

Note: On some computers, you must be the administrator in order to install any software.

Install Insert_PDFs_to_Word once
Open Word
1) Click the Add-in tab (Only required in Office 2007-2016. For Office 2000-2003, just click Insert PDFs)
2) Click Insert_PDFs
3) Select menu items
4) Click 'Run'
Use the Yellow Form to Resize/Realign the first image. The subsequent pics are inserted into the Word document with the same dimensions.

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