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Can plots generated with Contour Plot for Excel be viewed on computers without Contour Plot installed?


Are Office Expander downloads Digitally Signed and timestamped so that I know the files are from Office Expander?

>> Yes.

Where did it download?

>> C:\Contour_Plotting

What if I have trouble installing the software?

>> See the Setup sheet for Contour Plot in the file:  C:\Contour_Plotting\Contour_Example_Data.xls

Can I run Contour Plot as a VBA macro?

>> Yes. The following is an example of code that you would put in your macro after you have installed Contour Plot. This example should be copied into the Contour_Example_Data.xls file that is included with the Contour Plot program (or available on the web). The items in blue are typical of the items that you will change for your macro.

Sub Contour_Plot_Macro()
Dim dummy_variable As String
Dim Xcells As Range, Ycells As Range, Zcells As Range
Dim levelslist As String, Rectype As String
Dim numlevels As Integer
Dim makerectangular As Boolean, table As Boolean, haslegend As Boolean, hideform As Boolean

Rectype = "SameNumYforEachX" 'or "SameNumYforEachX" or "Irregular"
makerectangular = True
table = False
haslegend = True
hideform = True

With Sheets("Example Parameter Data")
Set Xcells = .Range("A1").EntireColumn
Set Ycells = .Range("B1").EntireColumn
Set Zcells = .Range("C1").EntireColumn
End With

levelslist = "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10" 'or use a range address for contour levels
numlevels = 0

dummy_variable = Application.Run("Contour_Plotting.xla!start_contour_manual", Xcells, Ycells, Zcells, levelslist, numlevels, Rectype, makerectangular, table, haslegend,  hideform)

End Sub

Is an uninstaller included?

>> Yes.

What formats can be used for numbers?

>> Numbers (i.e., data on a sheet) should be specified using decimal points, such as 1.0123. Some countries use the comma instead of the decimal point, but the Contour Plot program is formatted according to the decimal point convention.

Where do I go for more information?

>> The Contour_Example_Data.xls file in C:\Contour_Plotting and the www.officeexpander.com website have information, example data, and an example contour plot.

Why can't I get the program to run?

>> Make sure that you have not selected "Disable all Application Add-ins" in the Trust Center Settings for Add-ins in your version of the Office application.

Why do I get the error, "This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features"?

>> The error occurs because "Visual Basic for Application" was not installed during the software installation. Close Excel. In the Windows Control Panel choose Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features in Windows Vista or Windows 7). Select Microsoft Office then Click Change. Select Add or Remove Features then in the Office Shared Features list select Visual Basic for Applications -> Run from My Computer and then Continue. You can then run the software when you reopen Excel.


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