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EZplot® for Excel
Software updated: August 10, 2016

No Time Limit.

"EZplot saves a huge amount of time creating plots in Excel"
Let us show you. Send us your Excel file (change data or names if necessary).

"EZplot is an excellent add-in software for Excel.  As an experienced powertrain engineer, I have used many bespoke and expensive contour and multi-Y axis software.  EZplot offers all of the these software’s functionality at a fraction of the cost with excellent fast support."
Gary Hooper

"I became addicted to Office Expander's EZplot and I must say that it will be impossible for me to do without it."
Dr. Andrea Lapiccirella


EZplot's unique capabilities for Excel:  Watch videos online
          * Generates over 50 plots in seconds
          * Creates Multiple Y axes plots (unique software for Excel)
          * Creates real Contour plots (unique software for Excel)
          * Uses parameter names instead of cells to select data
          * Eliminates need to remember any commands by using built-in right-click menus
          * Captures changes made to Excel charts and automatically generates a plot script
          * Operates in the familiar Excel environment
          * Performs data calculations easily
          * Improves productivity, decreases effort!

EZplot is a plotting and data calculation tool to enhance Excel. The EZplot Excel add-in improves productivity by easily creating many plots in seconds. Plots are defined with parameter names instead of requiring manual selection of data. The user does not need to remember any commands because of a carefully laid out user interface, which includes fonts, colors, scales, divisions, trendlines, sets etc...

EZplot:  For Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and now 2016 (Windows versions).

Insert PDFs

No Time Limit.

Insert and resize multiple pages of a PDF into Word
Finally be free of Word's one page insert-PDF limitation.

"I just wanted to thank you for making this product. It's fantastic and saved me a huge headache trying to embed about 750 pages of pdf documents into a word document for a record on appeal in a case I'm filing."
Hanna and Vlahakis Law Offices

"This is a really good add-on program. As far as I am aware, it’s one of the only ones of its kind.  I was using it to insert pdf copies of journal articles I had written which were to be part of a PhD Thesis by publication. There must be many more students like me. Your product is so affordable and such a good value."
J. Hunter

“Thank you for making such a useful product! We regularly have to scan 40 page documents to TIFFs and then insert the pages by hand into Word documents, with a lot of alignment/consistency issues that needed to be checked every time. Your program is really making us more productive and more precise! I also really like the new Scroll button, because I always forget to shrink the page and check the header before I import the PDF document. Now, that lets me move up and down the test page to make sure everything fits. It’ll be an invaluable tool.”

“The PDF inserter software has increased my productivity while maintaining quality in an important project which requires merging several PDF documents with multiple pages into a WORD document.  Special thanks to Rich, the software developer for the rapid response and customer support.”
Tina Seidel

“This program greatly fills the gaps missing in Word all these years.  Easy to use self explanatory, and great support. A much needed tool for your Word application.”
C-Quest Associates, INC

"I write a lot of research reports and Insert PDFs to Word has proven to be an easy way for me to add PDFs (copies of the survey instrument) at the end of the report.  Previously, the only way for me to do this in Word 2007 was to turn each page into a jpeg and add them to the document one at a time.  Insert PDFs works almost effortlessly: my PDF pages are the right size, requiring no reformatting.  You'll be an advocate, too, after trying the example, set up to be used after you load the software." 
Stephanie, University Professor

"This is amazing software: I wanted to insert 100 pages of PDFs in my report and I tried every possible way but failed: I was likely to miss my cut-off date for submission of my final report which could have resulted in a considerable financial loss to me. But finding this software on the internet made my life easy and saved me from a considerable financial loss and, above all, saved my reputation. Thank you Office Expander."
Irfan Ali

"The Insert PDF to Word was intuitive and user friendly, worked flawlessly, and they provided quick customer service when needed. Highly recommended!"
Michael S. 

Multy Y for Excel
Software updated: July 24, 2016
No Time Limit.

Create multiple Y axes plots from existing Excel Charts. Each Excel chart appears as a new Y axis on the Multy_Y plot. The plot is a picture that appears on a separate Excel Chart. Multy_Y creates 2 or more Y axes in Excel.

Note: To create interactive Multiple Y axes plots (with this menu), EZplot must be purchased instead.

Interactive plots allow you to click on the plots and change titles, scales, labels, etc...

Multy_Y: For Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and now 2016 (Windows versions).
For Excel 2004 and 2011 (Mac version).

Contour Plot for Excel
Software updated: July 24, 2016
No Time Limit.

“Contour Plot fills a critical gap in EXCEL by allowing irregularly-spaced data to be converted to contour plots. The user interface is simple to use. Additionally,  by having labeled isolines, the outputted graphs are superior to the standard EXCEL contour plots”

Michael B Mackaplow, Ph.D.

“ The combination of EXCEL and Contour Plot has been a life saver for my research. It has allowed me to post process my analytical results and quickly create the temperature contour plots that I want. The fact that the Contour Plot routine can be called directly from an EXCEL Visual Basic Application makes it a very useful practical tool. Thank you Office Expander.”

N. Austin (Lanser S.A Spain)

Create real contour plots in Excel using any data (rectangular, nearly rectangular, or irregular data). It includes a data generator for polynomials or any equation.

Note: EZplot includes the Contour Plot program and allows Contour Plots to be generated from the EZplot sheet.

Contour Plot: For Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and now 2016 (Windows versions).
For Excel 2004 and 2011 (Mac versions).

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Contour Plot $29.99 Free Demo Version
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